How to Banish Panda Eyes

Sooooo.... so so often I am told by clients that they are unable to wear mascara as it ends up all over the place. If you can relate to this problem then let me shed a bit of light on TUBING MASCARA... The solution to your panda eye problems!

What is tubing mascara you say?

Well when you apply regular mascara you are literally painting a pigmented coat of product onto your lashes where as tubing mascara is made up of fancy polymers that wrap a coat of product around individual lashes ensuring each lash is 100%, 360 degrees covered.

How do you apply and remove it?

Tubing mascara is applied in the exact same way as regular mascara however the removal of it is a little different. To remove tubular mascara you simple use warm water and gently rub your lashes with your fingertips to gently drag the mascara off your lashes. You will be left with a black goey like substance in your hands but DO NOT FEAR this black goeyness is not your actual lashes but the little magic tubes of mascara.

My tubing mascara top picks!

ModelCo LashxTend Mascara - $22 (Adore Beauty)

BLINC Mascara - $38 (Adore Beauty)

MAC Extended Play Gigalash Mascara - $33 (MAC Cosmetics)

Kevin Aucoin The Volume Mascara - $40 (Mecca Cosmetica)

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