Bridal Beauty Regime Countdown

A 6 month bridal beauty countdown to your big day...

6 months to go!

Unless your doctor says otherwise, start a decent skin regimen at home.. That is wash your face twice a day with a mild to deep cleanser, depending on skin type; exfoliate twice a week with a fruit-enzyme/ AHA exfoliant; use a brightening serum and a high-SPF sunscreen daily; and apply a hydrating cream with gentle anti-agers every night.

3 months... Getting close!

Bring a snapshot of your gown and headpiece to your hairstylist. If you'll need hair extensions, ask your stylist to order them now; they may need to be cut and coloured to match your hair. Still having trouble committing to a look? Try a classic chignon or a half-up, half-down creation.

1 month and counting!

Try a deep-cleansing body facial if your gown reveals your back or shoulders. If you'd rather not spring for a spa treatment, have a friend apply a purifying mud or clay mask to your back once a week to draw out oil and grime; let it harden, then rinse.

The Wedding Week... Yikes!

Day 7 - Up your exercise routine. Try to exercise for 1 hour each day. Going for a walk or taking a yoga class is ideal. Avoid more vigorous exercise such as spin or boxing unless that is part of your regular routine.

What not to do: Cut or color your hair. A trim two weeks before the wedding and a color touch-up ten days before the big day is much better timing.

Day 6 - Treat yourself to a facial. Six days before the wedding is a good time to have a full facial. If your skin is sensitive, be wary of extractions. A facial will guarantee a healthy, vibrant complexion in time for your wedding. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

What not to do: Chemical peels, laser treatments and injections — anything invasive that might not heal in time for your big day. Better to be safe than sorry, brides-to-be.

Day 5 - Begin a daily exfoliation regimen. Using light pressure only start to exfoliate your skin daily.

Condition your mane with an at-home hair mask. A hair mask will penetrate the hair’s damaged cuticle and restore vitality and luster to your locks.

Avoid excessive alcohol and salt. Both are culprits that cause major water retention. Ban the bloat by opting for fresh herbs to flavor foods rather than table salt. Also, cut back on refined sugars and caffeine—both increase puffiness — try caffeine-free herbal tea instead.

Day 4 - Amp up your vitamins. People under stress naturally have lower levels of B vitamins, which are vital for cognitive function. Both vitamins B and C slow down the look of aging and are important antioxidants that fight off illness — all valuable components that ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. Tweaking your vitamin dosage will help calm your nerves, boost your immune system and initiate restful slumbers.

Schedule your eyebrow and bikini wax. Any redness or irritation will clear up in time for your nuptials. Make sure your beautician keeps the shape and natural arch of your eyebrows —you’ll want to look like yourself when your hubby-to-be looks into those eyes.

Day 3 - Plan a relaxing and romantic activity with your fiancé. An intimate couple’s massage will help soothe any muscular tension built up from the stressful wedding-planning process.

If you want a golden glow, indulge in a spray tan. Sunless tans are the healthiest way to get that rich bronzed glow without compromising the well-being of your skin. Getting spray tanned two days prior to your wedding will allow for enough drying time so the color won’t stain your dress. SunFX Spray-on Tanning is an organic air-brush solution that leaves no streaks or orange hue. Check your local tanning outlets as it is offered at select salons worldwide.

Day 2 - Get your final manicure and pedicure. Getting a manicure and pedicure the day before the wedding will prevent the possibility of chipping, while also allowing for adequate drying time. The newest trend, gel nail polish or shellac, remains intact for two weeks, so it can stay put all the way through the honeymoon!

Keep calm and carry on. Take a warm bath and an early night.

Day 1 - Start smart with a light, healthy breakfast. Incorporate whole grains, protein and fruit to provide sufficient energy throughout the day — you’ll certainly need it!

Allow for at least three hours to get ready; this way you will avoid being stressed and pressed for time — you’ll want to enjoy every moment.

Spritz on your signature scent for the finishing touch!

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