Getting the most out of your bridal trial

There is nothing worse than a disappointing bridal hair and makeup trial. For the bride to be and the artist! Here are a few sure fire steps in my experience to guarantee success and avoid disappointment!

Number 1 - Research your artist Before you even book your artist make sure you have researched their original work.

Number 2 - Research your look

Don't even think about trialling your hair and makeup until you have a clear idea of what you going for. The artist needs to get to know your taste and style and more importantly your wedding event style. Providing images of flowers, your dress, the bridesmaid dresses as well as hair and makeup ideas will help your artist get a well rounded image of who you are and what your wedding day will look like.

Number 3 - Feel confident to communicate

A makeup trial is a conversation and it definitely should not be a one sided. If you prefer things like your foundation to be lighter coverage, the eye makeup to be heavier, the hair to be less structured then please talk about it openly. A professional artist will not take offence and accomodate your personal preferences.

Number 4 - Be flexible

Often because of time constraints the way an artist approaches your hair may be different to your wedding day. This is because we are allowing the hair to be restyled immediately and not locking things down as we would for event day styling. Most brides don't want to walk down the street with their wedding day hair after all! So don't panic if your curls drop or things move - make sure you pass this feedback onto your artist and they will take it all into account on game day!

In regards to your makeup please be open to a little less or a little more. If you wanted to look exactly the same as you did every other day then you really should just consider doing it yourself! There is nothing wrong with that!

Being open to makeup changes just may make the difference and our expertise is in event/all day application So relax its only makeup... and just take a bunch of pics and make sure you pass on any feedback to your artist in the following week.

Number 5 - Take loads of pictures

Taking pictures can be a great way to review the different hair and makeup styles of your trial. Feel free to provide any feedback to products used, longevity and comfort to your artist in the week following your trial. Even if you think it is unnecessary... Leave it to the professionals to decipher your feedback and make appropriate changes if need be.

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